Our hymn and philosophy is all about helping you become a better you. That’s why we do what we do. One word that succinctly describes our commitment to your health is ‘Infinity’. Never-ending persistent efforts are implemented to keep the three main spur gears in sync – Science, Technology and Innovation.

The word FRIMLINE is a yield from confluence of two languages and principally has been derived from two words ‘Fri’ and ‘Imline’. When these derivative come together they mean a well acclaimed circumference. Frimline shall strive to institute a circumference which shall enclose all the required innovative products and solutions. All the endeavors are aimed towards developing products that shall be the panaceas for World Health problems.

About Us

FRIMLINE focuses on the betterment of Chronic Disease Management. The Chronic disease diagnosis in much later stages leaves the patient in a poor life condition along with a financial burden. Thus, managing chronic diseases at the nick of time is not only a challenge but also the need of the hour.

As per the World Health Organization, the chronic diseases, such as neurological disorder, kidney diseases, obesity, cancer, heart ailments, respiratory diseases and diabetes; kill 38 million people globally every year. Highlighting the economic burden of the Chronic Diseases; Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Stroke has been costing our nation billions of dollars. At Frimline, the strategy is chiseled by the adaptation of the advanced technology with an aim to pin down this aforementioned mammoth efficiently and effectively.

Frimline believes in having a surge in one’s ethos and myriad competencies which when entangled together creates an environment where innovation flourishes. We use cutting edge technology to achieve our goals and shall continue striving towards our vision of building a better tomorrow for society.

Our Vision

Spread the power of Acting Early – The First Step towards Prevention.

Our Mission

We believe in walking together to reach farther! Frimline has broadened its horizons by collaborating with well-established firms across the globe and implementing the exchange of ideas, evidence and expertise. This has yielded in successful emergent of neoteric technologies which will change the face of Indian market “for better, forever!”

Thus with our persistent aimed efforts, we shall thrive and fulfill our aim to become a Global Business leader.


Frimline collaborates with USA based, Enavant Research to bring about innovative solutions for the betterment of chronic diseases in India.

Pledged to Innovation!

Society is evolving with every passing second and the key to this evolution is Innovation. We believe in the very principle of Innovation and the esoteric discussions on them by our team, which shall yield us a better tomorrow.

With the ever-changing times, the environment has also been changing and witnessing new lifestyle diseases. The Chronic diseases keep resurfacing and innovation shall be the shield that will safeguard our health and create a healthier tomorrow. As the problems evolve, solutions need to evolve too.

FRIMLINE aims to provide this solution and enlighten the mankind about their tomorrow which shall one day be their ‘Today’.

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